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We’re not your usual agency, we’re a lean collective of WP experts and our websites have everything you could possibly want without being over-priced. That’s why we are rated 5 stars by all our clients.

"Highly recommend Dub Digital if you are in need of a fresh perspective and want to see your strategy turn into action and results."
Adnan Millwala
Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters

WP excellence since 2008

We are a small and dynamic team of well seasoned web designers and developers that build high functioning lead generation and ecommerce websites for discerning SMEs that don't want to pay outlandish agency fees.

Unlike those big London agencies with many mouths to feed, we are a slim and agile group of collaborative freelancers with the agency vibe but a more lean setup.

Our services

WordPress Excellence

If you have chosen WordPress as your website platfom then you want to work with a team of designers and developers that know it extensively and know the rights and wrongs when building in WordPress so the site is fast and well structured.

We’ve been building WordPress websites for more than a decade, and in that time we’ve seen it all and done it all. We build it slim, tidy and we don’t just take something off the shelf and stick your content in it like an amateur would. You deserve better. 

Ecommerce Platforms

If you are looking to sell products online, we can build you a really well made Woocommerce store with all the custom functionality your business needs.

If you are looking to sell information based products you may want a site with the ability to sell memberships or downloads, and we have tools of choice for that.

If you’re a service based business and you want to take payments online for consulting services, then we can set you up with a booking portal integrated into your website.

Growth Strategy

As an online business, you want to develop dependable growth to scale up and reach your ambitions. To do this you need a strategic framework that tackles your weakest areas and can identify where the new opportunities are.

We take a holistic approach to looking at your metrics and operations so we can determine which areas require improvement and what will be the most effective activities.

Impactful Branding

Your company’s branding makes a big difference to how you are perceived and usually a rebrand has a big effect on engagement and conversions.

If you’re a new business or looking for a transformation, we can take you to where you want to be visually and conceptually by creating an impactful logo and brand identity for you.

MarTech Integrations

Marketing technology should be at the heart of your digital strategy, because to generate traffic, create engagement, drive up conversion rates and boost how much people spend, you need tools and tactics in the right places.

All this needs to integrate neatly with your website, and your marketing stack needs to be cost-effective, and profitable. We can work with you to identify which tools will work for you and put strategies in place so you use them effectively.

Replatforming & Migrations

If you currently have a website built on another platform, and you have an issue with access, security or design capability don’t worry, we hear this all the time.

By replatforming to WordPress with us, you will get full control over your website and we have systems and processes in place to bring across data and assets from your existing website where it might be needed.

Trusted by

High Standards

To build a world-class WordPress website, you need to have certain standards. Over a 15 year period we have developed robust standards that make sure our websites are top quality.

Always fast hosting

We simply will not touch cheap shared hosting packages, you will be partnered with a premium host to match your budget.

Minimal plugin usage

Plugin overload is the result of bad planning. We plan a WP stack that will be lean and effective, coding in as much as we can.

No bulky templates

All our theme kits are built from scratch, based on wireframes, developed from visual examples you decide that you like.

The best page builder

All our websites are built with Elementor Pro, and we create saved sections and global elements that harmonise the look and feel.

Optimised for speed

A combination of fast hosting, lean plugin array, clean code and other frontend optimisations will deliver excellent speed.

Good on all devices

At every stage we build the sections to work across all devices. We spend a lot of time refining this because we’re perfectionists.

Intuitive architecture

We take a lot of time at the beginning to make sure the page, post, menu and feature structure is simplified and clean.

Developed on staging

We build your new website on our own staging server on a protected domain so it doesn’t affect your current services.

Lean code framework

Our developers keep their code clean and apply best practise like adding useful markup and using CSS preprocessors.

Some recent case studies

Turning digital dreams into reality

Dub Digital is a purposeful and process-led digital commerce agency that can not only build the website of your dreams, but amplify your digital marketing capability to create the performance and growth you need to succeed.

We have a strong focus on marketing technology and user journey because we know that the key to the success of your online business is a strong foundation and optimised conversion flow. 

We’re also business owners and entrepreneurs, so we understand how business works and will explore yours in depth and craft a web solution focused on your goals and aspirations. 

Watch this 3 minute presentation by Chris Bradshaw, our founder & lead web designer.

We are for brands that want growth and impact, not just a pretty website.

Bringing 15 years’ practical experience in digital commerce and marketing to your table.

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